UNN Is Ready To Hold Witchcraft Conference This November (Full Details)




Expressiveinfo reports that The University of Nigeria (UNN),

Nsukka, Enugu state, is planning to host a conference

on witchcraft between November 26 and November 27.

The conference, is themed “Witchcraft: Meaning, factors and practices”,

The conference is being convened by the Professor B.I.C Ijomah Centre

for Policy and Research in UNN and the keynote speaker is,

David Ker, a former vice-chancellor of Benue State

University as seen on the notice by newsmen.

It also said Charles Igwe, UNN vice-chancellor, is the chief host, while Egodi Uchendu, director, B.I.C Ijomah centre for policy and research, is the host.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary witchcraft as the use of sorcery or magic.



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