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Lady luck update for Sunday 1 December 2019

Lady luck update for Sunday 1 December 2019: Sarla informs Vasundhara that she has been conned, Bhoomi used to work with Ria in Indore and was her roommate, she did not get the bahu she needed. Vasundhara says getting her children married into Shukla family is the biggest mistake of her life.

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She informs about it to Agram, but marriages finishes before she could stop it. Everyone congratulate each other. Dhara asks Bhoomi to take Bhabhimaa’s blessings. Guests congratulate Vasundhara for getting such a beautiful bahu. She shouts that it is not marriage, but dhoka/betrayal and unties Bhoomi and Maan’s knot.

Rajender asks her to forgive them, but not talk unauspicious. She says she will never get such a fraud family for her Maan and asks why did not they tell that Bhoomi works in Indore with Ria. She continues that she can tolerate anything but lies and betrayal. She will never accept such a fraud bahu for her nephew Maan.

Rajender tells Vasundhara that Bhoomi worked just for a few days. She says they betrayed her and says many times they told lie, earlier guruji, then when she caught them in Indore, they repeatedly lied. She says they all lied so that Bhoomi could work, she hates lies. Bhoomi looks at Maan, but he is so inebriated and stumbling that he cannot understand what is happening.

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Vasundhara says she will never accept Bhoomi for Maan. Rajender says he was just fulfilling his daughter’s dreams and asks why is she considering it as a big mistake. She asks when elders themselves are so crooks, their daughters will be bigger crook. Rajender says she cannot punish his daughter for such a small mistake.

Sarla thinks she should stop Vasundhara from accepting Bhoomi and let her enjoy in Prajapati family, intervenes and tells Bhoomi is having an affair and is characterless. Bijender asks not to allege his daughter and tarnish his daughter’s name. She shouts that she may have gone way ahead with her boyfriend and will elope.

She shouts that she herself saw her with a boy and this girl is characterless. Rajender tries to slap her, but Rajender stops him. She shouts that truth cannot be hidden and asks Bhoomi if she had an affair with a boy or not. She starts crying. Rajender asks Bhoomi what is she telling.

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Bhoomi says there is nothing like that. Sarla tells Vasundhara again that this girl is not fit for Maan. Bijender tells Bhoomi is his dignity and asks her not to insult him. Dhara asks Vasundhara not to believe Sarla. Vasundhara says Bhoomi forced her to believe Sarla.

Vasundhara tells she will never accept Bhoomi as her bahu. Sarla says she is right, she should not accept these trickster’s daughter. Saurabh intervenes and tells Sarla not to badmouth about Bhoomi, she may have misunderstood and seen someone. She says she is not that old.

Saurabh asks Ansh to speak out. Inebriated Ansh reminisces Bhoomi’s insult and says he does not want to talk to Bhoomi now or anytime in the future. Saurabh asks what is he telling. Ansh repeats same thing. Saurabh smells alcohol from his breath and asks if he is drunk.

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Ansh pushes him and says he is drunk, but why is he bothered. Bijender says she was giving moral gyan and what a bout her inebriated nephew. She says his friends must have forced him to drink and continues she will not accept Bhoomi as her bahu. Janaki and Dhara plead and request her and Latha not to do that. Latha tries to speak, but Vasundhara says she will get better girl for Maan, but will never accept Bhoomi.

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