How to use SEO to drive free traffic [2021]

How to use SEO to drive free traffic in 2021

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is one of my favorite ways to increase site traffic.

I like it a lot because anyone can get started on it by simply writing.

It doesn’t require any significant monetary investments like Google Ads other than your time, so a small blogger can start getting traffic even with a $0 budget.


With SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the moment you

stop paying for ads, your traffic goes to 0.

With SEO, you can reliably drive traffic every single month.

It’s an effort that pays for much longer (assuming you keep your articles updated),

Another great thing about SEO is that your efforts compound over time.

Writing a few articles help you increase your domain authority and that in turn brings you more traffic.

Also, a blog post you wrote last month can be driving 1000 visits, and this month’s blog post can drive another 500, helping you increase your monthly visitors very quickly.

Ok, so now that I made a case for SEO….

Let’s explore the actual tactics to rank and get more traffic.

1. Target long tail keywords
Long tail keywords are keywords with decent traffic volume (say 1000+) and relatively low difficulty (KD <20). (what is keyword difficulty?)

long tail keyword chart

If you are just getting started, you should target long tail keywords because your blog won’t have the necessary authority to compete with the established players.

Also notice how the conversion rate is much higher for long-tail searches.

Now, let’s say you just started an e-commerce site selling merch, specifically T-shirts.

Instead of trying to rank for “T-shirts” which is a hard keyword..

kd t shirts

you can aim for “vintage T-shirts” which has a 12,000 search volume and a difficulty of 7. (Difficulty goes from 0-100).

You’ll be much more likely to rank and might even get better conversions.

Wondering where I got the keyword difficulty?

Don’t worry, later in this post I’ll show you how to do great keyword research for your business and find all the keyword metrics you need.

Long Tail Pro
Or any SEO tool I covered here

2. Post the best content ever written on your target keyword(s)

I’m not talking about good, neither great, but THE BEST CONTENT ever written for any particular keyword you intend to rank.

While it’s easier to push 500-1000 words of content, trust me going above and beyond with 2000-3000 word guides will really pay off.

A study done by SerpIQ confirms this

seo content length 2020
That’s why you won’t find any article on my site that isn’t detailed and thorough.

When you came to this article, you wanted to learn exactly how to grow your traffic. I plan to give you that and more. This 7500+ word guide is proof of that.