How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Canada

cheap car insurance in canada

Don’t pay extra for car insurance. Get the best rate from cheap car insurance in Canada. You will be shocked by how much you can save just by comparing equivalent car insurance quotes!

You’ve probably heard that the cost of insurance in Canada is incredibly high. But you may not know that there are ways to save money on your car insurance, even if you’re a new driver.

Car Insurance in Canada is Expensive

The average cost of auto insurance in Canada is $1,500/per year. That’s over $100/month! And even though it’s expensive, it’s still necessary—you need car insurance if you want to drive legally in Canada.

Luckily, there are ways to lower this cost. The first way is through discounts. Discounts can include things like having an alarm installed on your car or making sure your driving record is clean (no tickets). Other discounts include having airbags installed in your vehicle and having other drivers insured under one policy with you (for example: when parents ensure their children’s cars on their policy).

We recommend shopping around for car insurance every year or two so that you can take advantage of these discounts whenever possible. And don’t forget about comparing prices between providers—sometimes companies will offer cheaper rates than others depending on where they’re located or what type of coverage they offer!