COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS 3.6 million college scholarships and grants worth over $23 Billion


Did you know there are thousands of college scholarships? In fact, according to NCES, on average, students at 4 year colleges are awarded $9,740 in grants and scholarships each year. Wait. What is a scholarship? It might seem too good to be true, but it is free money. This money may be used to pay tuition and fees and other charges such as room and board or bookstore charges.

It is not a loan. It is a sum of money that serves as a gift and does not need to be repaid, as long as the requirements are met. Some may ask students to maintain certain a GPA or other criteria. Here is a list of top categories on Unigo:

What Do I Qualify for?
Students can qualify for this type of financial aid across a range of guidelines. Merit, a student’s academic achievement is one popular measure. Another is a student’s athleticism. A talent in an activity such as music or art may be another option. Still other areas include applicants’ intended majors, levels of community service, residencies in a state or minority status.

Within these topics there may be other qualifiers. You’ll notice as you search that each category of scholarships shows how many awards are available and the total amount of money to be awarded. Statistically speaking, the more awards and money available, the less competitive the award.

If you have a limited amount of time to search and apply for scholarships, begin by applying to the ones you seem most likely to win. Or use our Scholarship Match to instantly find ones that are perfect for you.

Consider the most basic information. Are you an athlete, what is your major, are you attending college in a certain state, do you want to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree? All of these questions can help you assess what you may qualify for.