A Sex worker lists her many other accomplishments


Malayna Pottschmidt (hentai honey) has taken to her social media page to highlight her life’s accomplishment which includes a stunning double business major at one of the most prominent schools in her state.

Malayna stated that she is tired of everyone limiting women and trying them in a box under one label.

She wrote;

I am a sex worker. I also am a Deans List double business major at one of the most prominent schools in my state. I’m also a published (3x) author. I’ve worked 80+ hours a week while in school full time for 6 years. Women are multifaceted and I’m tired of everyone limiting us.

I’ve been offered positions with the FBI. I interned at one of the top 5 pharma companies in the US AND was asked back. I mentor children who want to purse the same career as me. I don’t have to explain my accomplishments, but I’m tired of being put in a box under ONE LABEL!

I worked 3 jobs on campus in between and after classes. I worked night shifts 11pm-8am. I slept one-two hours a day. No, i didn’t do drugs (well, caffeine, yes) like some ppl have suggested. I just have drive.

I’m a mentor and ambassador for a program that encourages minority students to get into accounting. We have a huge amount of untapped talent that should be celebrated!

Sometimes i can’t stand being an empath. Regardless of the truths i know about myself all of the negative energy projected onto me physically and mentally drains me. I am just another human being trying to make it in this world like anybody else. Energy vampires suck. Literally.


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