10 Month Old Baby Stolen by Couple in Umuahia

The stealing of their 10-month old baby boy by a strange couple on Friday in Umuahia, Abia State has thrown the family of Mr. and Mrs Harrison Nwachukwu into mourning.

The father, Mr. Harrison who is a staff of Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, said that the baby was stolen in his mother’s salon. He appealed to those who took the little boy to return him to the family.

Mr. Harrison’s statement is quoted below:

“Three weeks ago, this couple came to the saloon and the lady told my wife that she was looking for a good salon to make her hair.

“She said that they moved into the neighbourhood a few weeks ago from Port Harcourt and had been searching for a good salon to make her hair.

“My wife welcomed them, thinking that they were genuine, not knowing that they had another thing in mind.

“From that day, the ‘couple’ started visiting the saloon on a regular basis and were admiring my children, especially the 10 months old Emmanuel.

“The lady told my wife that they have been married for two years without a child and have been praying for a child like my son.

“They come around every day to greet my wife, thereby creating a kind of familiarity.

“On Friday, the couple came to inform my wife that the wife would be making her hair on Saturday, but my wife told them that since Saturday was clean-up day, they should come in the afternoon.

“They returned later on Friday with the excuse that they would not be chanced on Saturday afternoon. The man even bought roasted yam and ate it while my wife was preparing the attachment to make the wife’s hair.

“While my wife was working on the attachment the lady gave my wife a padlocked bag and told her not to let her husband get hold of the bag because it contained money, which she didn’t want her husband to see.

“It was while the stylist was busy preparing the attachment that the woman left while her husband took away the child, telling neighbours that she was taking the child to Shoprite to shop for him.

“On realising that both husband and wife were nowhere to be found, my wife raised the alarm. On opening the bag, they discovered that it contained only serviettes.

“The matter was reported to Central Police Station, Umuahia.

“Now, it is like my wife is developing mental issues. She has not eaten since then and would say that her son is crying and needs her.”